Do you have quality Cannabis/CBD products/Nutraceuticals that you want to submit in new market regulatory bodies?
Do you want to gain a new global client base?
Do you need assistance in quality and regulatory requirements achievements?
Do you need assistance in improving your Quality Management System and/or your product quality?
Would you like your products to be GMP compliant?

CB-Cure Ltd. (2017) is a Herbal pharma-grade products development and trading company based in Israel.

CB-Cure delivers safe, effective, novel Nutraceutical and Medical Cannabis products of the finest quality to help our customers with their medical conditions and wellness.

CB-Cure is a subsidiary of  Bio-Chem Ltd. (2007), a leading company for pharmaceutical, supplements, cosmetics and medical cannabis industries consultancy in the areas of Technology, Quality and Regulation.

Of course, there are many regulatory requirements to be met in order to approve your products in relevant target markets. Recently, nutraceuticals and cannabis products are subject to more new and strict regulations in many countries around the world.

Based on our vast experience in the Pharmaceutical and supplements regulation and quality spheres, we will help you to attain these regulatory requirements in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, this process will establish your regulatory documentation and readiness for submitting your products in other regulatory bodies such as the FDA, EMEA and the EU, standing you in good stead for the future.

With 20 years experience in development, technology, and quality – mostly from the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Cannabis fields – in conjunction with our in-house Quality and Regulatory department, we bring our proven multi-disciplinary experience to both the Nutraceuticals and Cannabis industries.

If you are interested in improving your company’s quality system, your product quality and regulatory compliance, please contact us.

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