Do you have Cannabis machinery and technology for cultivation, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, analysis?
Do you have Cannabis cultivation fertilizers, supplements or other similar products to be distributed in the rapidly expanding Israeli market?
Do you want to grow your business and gain new markets and revenue streams?

CB-Cure Ltd. (2017) is an herbal Cannabis, pharma-grade products and equipment distributor based in Israel.

Did you know?

>>Israel is a world pioneer in the Medical Cannabis industry, as well as in Biomed and research Agri-bio fields

>>The two main components in cannabis, THC and CBD, were discovered by an Israeli researcher

>>There are approximately 30K licensed medical cannabis patients in Israel

>>Israel proudly boasts at least 100 cannabis start-up companies

>>There are only 8 licensed cultivation farms in Israel

Recently, Israeli cannabis initiatives and programs have been in the news:

>>There is an additional 100 new doctors authorized to prescribe Cannabis for patients in Israel

>>New medical conditions are constantly being approved for Cannabis treatment

>>More than 100 new licenses for cultivation/manufacturers were applied for in the past few months

>>CBD is to become fully legal in Israel in the coming months.

>>An exciting new cannabis export law was recently approved by the Israeli government

CB-Cure is a subsidiary of Bio-Chem Ltd. (2007)a company specializing in pharmaceuticals, supplements, cosmetics and Medical Cannabis consultancy in the areas of technology, quality and regulation.

Bio-Chem have long been at the forefront of the majority of Cannabis cultivation and GMP manufacturers in Israel and based on their vast experience in the Cannabis industry, have easy and direct access to local Cannabis cloning, cultivators and manufactures.

CB-Cure Ltd is looking for advanced cannabis cultivation experts, process equipment, materials and technologies to be integrated into existing and new Israeli Cannabis companies

We are looking for strong and motivated partners to join forces with us.

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