Are you interested in high quality Medical Cannabis products from Israel to import/distribute in your country?
Do you want to expand your business activity to include advanced Israeli Cannabis products and technologies?  

CB-Cure Ltd. (2017) is Herbal pharma-grade products importer and exporter based in Israel.

CB-Cure is a subsidiary of Bio-Chem Ltd. (2007), a leading company for pharmaceutical, supplements, cosmetics and Medical Cannabis consultancy in the areas of technology, quality and regulation.

Bio-Chem have long been at the forefront of the majority of Cannabis cultivation and GMP manufacturers in Israel and based on their vast experience in the Cannabis industry, have easy and direct access to local Cannabis cloning, cultivators and manufactures.

CB-Cure delivers safe, effective, novel nutraceutical and Medical Cannabis products of the highest quality to be exported from Israel around the globe, due to brand new export regulations, which were approved by the Israeli government recently. In addition, CBD products with minor THC levels are about to be approved for consumption in the Israeli market.

CB-Cure are currently looking for local distributors around the world to provide Israeli Medical Cannabis products in several countries including Canada, Australia, south and central America as well as many others which will be approved soon. Israeli Cannabis products are unique in terms of delivery systems, quality, high-THC content and medical condition clinical methodology.

Based on our vast experience in the fields of Medical Cannabis Quality, GMP and regulations, with our contacts, we are able to find the very best Israeli manufacturers and cannabis products that are sure to meet your market needs and that will enable a long term, reliable and fruitful business relationship.

With 20 years experience in development, and quality (mostly from Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Cannabis fields) along with our in-house Quality and Regulatory department, we bring our proven multi-disciplinary experience to both the Nutraceuticals and Cannabis industries.

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