Are you interested in new nutraceuticals and cannabis product development?
Are you interested in novel delivery systems which will increase your products’ active material bioavailability and efficacy?
Do you want to test your new products’ and delivery systems’ performance?
Are you interested in clinical trials conducted in Israel?

CB-Cure Ltd. (2017) is Herbal pharma-grade products development and technology-oriented company based in Israel.

CB-Cure is a subsidiary of Bio-Chem Ltd. (2007), a leading company for pharmaceutical, supplements, cosmetics and Medical Cannabis consultancy in the areas of technology, quality and regulation.

Bio-Chem have long been at the forefront of the majority Nutraceuticals and Medical Cannabis GMP manufacturers in Israel and based on their vast experience in the pharmaceutical and Cannabis industry, have easy and direct access to local research, development and CROs.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have gained here in Israel, a country well-known for cutting-edge Bio-Med, Agri-bio and cannabis research, development, technology and clinical trials.

CB-Cure is focused on new Nutraceuticals and Cannabis products dosage forms and effective delivery systems development. We will develop for you the right delivery system to increase your active materials bioavailability and efficacy per specific medical condition.

Based on our vast experience in development and quality, we bring our proven experience in active material controlled and targeted release from pharmaceutical products development to the nutraceutical and medical cannabis industries.

We are looking for clients and strong and motivated partners to join forces with us.

If you are interested in new products development and clinical trials, please contact us.

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