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Bringing Nutraceuticals products and Innovations to Markets

CB-Cure Ltd. (2017) is a Herbal pharma-grade product development and trading cooperation.

CB-Cure delivers safe, effective, novel nutralceutical and Medical Cannabis products of the highest quality to help our customers with their medical conditions and general wellness.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge we have gained here in Israel, a country well-known for cutting-edge Bio-Med and cannabis research, development, technology and clinical trials with cannabis.

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Dr. Gali GozkevichDr. Gali GozkevichTEVA R&D
"We used the services of the company to carry out GMP inspection at one of Teva’s production sites, and the inspection was performed very professionally by the company team. The visitor was professional and experienced. The GMP audit was conducted in a thorough and practical manner. Thanks''
Dr. Shimon AmsalemDr. Shimon AmsalemSpace Pharma SA CSO
"I enjoyed working with Eran Yona and Bio-Chem, and they performed excellent professional work while complying with the experimental plans defined at the beginning of the various projects, submitting the products of the projects on time, in a large number of production process and engineering process''